Monday, February 7, 2011

Mendoza Concert

It's 2:30 in the morning and the concert is over and my bags are packed. What an amazing night. Sold out, with standing room only tickets sold out, too. And lines of people turned away. All the months of preparation that went into this event, the publicity - posters, radio, television, press - everything Julio and Gabriela accomplished.
I have to come back here- it is too sad to think about all the people I've met, Julio's children, little Victoria who gave me a rubber bracelet of a seahorse and a tennis racquet, little Franco with a smile that could enchant a stone, Paula, a woman in the making, and the wonderful friends at the dinner the night before the concert, Fernanda, Silvania, Fabbio, Raoul ......
The warmth of the audience after the concert was stunning, really. I guess that is what it is all about..we shared something very special.


  1. It was yesterday when my mom show me a small piece of paper with the info of your concert here in Montevideo Uruguay, she heard you at a radio program of Julio Frade and took note, she says to me "is like the music you play", I said to myself, the music I enjoy to play when I seat at the EX5 to make myself feel better, although I'm not a musician so I call it only sound ensembles. I must be truly and confess I'm not a fan due to I really don't know your work, but I remember an interview I saw some years ago on TV made at your dream home studio at CA surrounded by sea and synth gear, those magic machines I dream of when I was 14 in the early 80's and only saw at magazines or concerts on TV and the EX5 arrived too late. The short pieces you played during the interview told me any kind of music "she" play I will surely enjoy because it sounds much as my soul.

    I hope you have enough time to take a ride around this little country with a long coast, taste "dulce de leche", take "mate", hear tango, candombe and enjoy of our long seashore. Pearhaps I will join courage and invite myself tonight (if I found locations of course) to know your soul's sound ensembles I know I will enjoy for sure. Please don't forget if the clouds allow, to enjoy the fantastic southern skies by night.

    Have a nice stay and be welcome at anytime.