Tuesday, February 15, 2011



I am writing only now, at the airport lounge waiting to go to Santiago and then Valdivia for the final concert tomorrow night, Valentine's Day. The concert here Friday night was great. Somehow, even though I had not slept well since Monday due to nocturnal Mardi Gras festivities and 7:00 AM construction starts outside my window at the Plaza Fuerte, I had amazing energy. I was joined by a Uruguayan cellist, Lucreta Balsaldua, who nailed Sargasso Sea with precision and passion. I am totally inspired to write more music for her. And Viviana Guzman was on fire...I think we played together our best ever. I wish we had recorded some of this, but, alas, I never remember to do that and it all goes into the ether.

Juan Carlos, my probably most avid fan on this earth, produced the concert with great heart if not with great experience. It is so difficult to mastermind a concert, not just the technical production, but all the necessary promotion. We did the rounds of radio stations and I saw my picture in the paper every day, sometimes with lengthy articles that I have not read yet. I am always shy about reading anything written about me because when there are inaccuracies, it is just too late to do anything about it and I would rather just trust.

We are boarding now. Back to Chile. But in many ways I have left my heart in Montevideo.


  1. Suzanne, I finally dared and attended to your
    delightful concert, of course as I supposed beforehand many of those melodies have sounded in my ears for years without exactly knowing their names and their creator (you), I can assure you the cello theme sounded a total mystical experience, simply superb, I enjoyed each tremolo of the cello with the perfect accompaniment of the piano that also sounded floating everywhere.

    Of course the theater the organizer could achieve I guess with a great effort putting all his heart, is not at the level you deserve, we have great theaters like "Solis" I wish you could have the chance to visit. A good excuse for a second round with a better organization to reach a bigger part of the public and incorporating those synth-sounds you use perfectly, perhaps with the participation of local musicians, why not.

    Please receive my best congratulations for your accuracy and huge memory skills, I don't know how you can remember all those complex chords and sequences without reading a note, simply a gift.

    I have no doubt many of your fans have recorded
    you concert in video and you will be able to see
    it from the other side to appreciate how magnificent it was.

    Finally I wish you have had the chance to visit our long coast line with beautiful beaches and seasides, perhaps the time was not enough and your schedule too tiring. Since now we stay waiting for your next performance here in Uruguay we guess it won't be so far in the future.

    Have a nice come back home plenty of memories and experiences from the very south.


  2. High soy Juan Carlos Bacino desde Atlantida Uruguay e intento escribir un comentario. Estoy viendo si funciona???mientras escucho Silver Ship, obviamente.....

  3. Had I knew a wonder like you existed, I would have done anything to go watch you live. Hope to have you again in Uruguay, soon...

  4. Hello!!
    I will be playing again in Montevideo, this time at the Teatro Solis, at the end of March, 2012. :-)

  5. Hi Suzanne, are great news you are going to
    touch our land again in March and as I foretold
    in February, you'll enjoy playing in our biggest
    theater "Solis", anyway beyond the monster production and sponsors the coming event might have, I dare to tell you it will be difficult to
    surpass the charming of your first concert ever in Uruguay in Teatro del Notariado, full of people that know your work in deep and feel a special connection with your music and soul, I wish JC be part of this organization but as far as I know he was left out of the event, really sad cause I'm a "ear" witness of his effort to broadcast your music long ago there in the middle of the 90s.
    Wish you a merry Christmas time and a pleasant stay here in Uruguay, I'd like to personally meet you but I guess this time you will be much
    embedded in a surrounding crowd and security

    With my best wishes
    Carlos "Charly"

    Some messy experimental "sound assemblies" fatto in casa as my Christmas gift :

  6. from colombia I get a new age radio were they play your music regularly , suzzane I hope more people in the world created such beautifull music as you do , It will be delightfull to have here , as much as so many new era musicians , thank youuuu....

    Mario Messier